Logilab SDMS FAQ

Logilab SDMS FAQ

SDMS Installation FAQs

1.                   What are the hardware requirements for SDMS Installation?



Minimum requirement



   Minimum Pentium IV, Windows 7 and higher

   More than 700 MHz


   4 GB or higher

Hard disk

20 GB of free space or depends on size of the instrument data.


Network Access

100 Mbps speed or higher



Xeon Class



16 GB or higher

Hard disk

40 GB of free space for installation of database and App server.

Hard disk space depends on the instrument data capture.

Minimum RAID I for data protection



 2.                   What are the software requirements for SDMS Installation?



Minimum requirement


Windows 7 or higher

Latest version of Google Chrome

.Net 4.5 or higher


Microsoft® Windows® 2012 server or higher.

MS SQL Server 2014 or higher

.Net 4.5 or higher

Internet Information Services and FTP Site – enabled.

Tomcat-v8.0 ( Tomcat memory should be set as 1024MB Minimum)

JRE-8 (Java 8)


3.               What are the recommended privileges to LogiLAB SDMS application path?

Full administrator privileges required to install the SDMS application, the reason is system requires the read and write permission for the SDMS services and database creation.

 4.           What SQL Authentication mode is required for the SDMS database creation?

“SQL Server Authentication” mode is required.

5.             Do we need to create new database for every client?

No need to create new DB for every client, only we need to create new database for server.

6.              Is new database required for reinstallation of SDMS?

No, we can use existing database available in the server.

7.               Is Interfacer service required to install in every client?

Yes, If we are using Interfacer for instrument integration.

8.               Is IIS need to be enabled in every client?

No, IIS is required only in the server to create FTP sites.

 9.             Is FTP service has to be installed on every client?

No, The FTP service has to be installed on the server.

10.           Is Robotic services need to installed on server ?

No, Robotic services need to be installed only clients. If we are creating UNC scheduler from server, then Robotic services       the need to be installed on server as well.

11.           Is Tomcat and SQL server need to be installed on every client ?

No, The Tomcat and SQL server has to be installed on only the server.

12.           Do we need to turn off the windows firewall in the server?

No, not required. Rather we can allow the incoming and outgoing communication port number in the windows firewall.

13.           Does the server requires a static IP or DHCP IP?

The SDMS server always recommended setting with a static IP address.

14.           Is any specific users authentication required in FTP server?

Yes, The SDMS always recommended checking FTP authentication after creating FTP site.



SDMS Configuration FAQs


15.            Is site creation is required?

Yes, at least one site required to login into SDMS. System will prompt the user to create a site during first login on the               server.

16.            What is the initial password for a user?

There is no initial password required for a newly created user; system will prompt to create a new password during their          first   time login.

17.            Is the system allows to login a de-active user?

No, system allows login only a valid and active user.

18.          Where we can see the uploaded data from the instrument?

We can see all the instrument data in the data explorer screen.

 19.         Is all the users can see all the instrument data in the data explorer?

No, only authorised user can see the data in the data explorer screen. 

20.          How to search the instrument data?

            Go to>> FTP Data View >> Click Search Server Data >> select required attributes and click submit to search the data.

 21.         Can we set the workflow for review the uploaded data?

Yes, we can set the workflow in the workflow setup screen.